March 20, 2020

A message from Rev. Jennifer Lynn

Hi Everyone,
You may have already received an email regarding the Queensland Synod’s decision effective immediately, to close all Uniting Churches for public worship or gatherings of more than 10 people.
This has come as a response to Covid19 (Corona Virus).

Please see this letter from Qld moderator David Baker (18 March 2020).

Whilst we have, in many ways, been anticipating this type of situation, it still comes as a shock when it eventuates. This being the case, I am emailing you to encourage you to not panic or fall into a state of sadness about this VERY TEMPORARY situation. The virus will pass us by, and we will resume regular services and activities as soon as we receive directive from Synod.

In the meantime, I want to assure you that you will not be forgotten or un-cared for in any way. The elders and myself have formulated a contingency plan which will ensure that you are able to connect with us, and be kept up to date regarding church matters. Our immediate plan is as follows:

  • We will produce a weekly newsletter which will contain a short message and questions for further reflection; along with news relating to church life. The newsletter will either be emailed to you, or left at your door.
  • I will be uploading regular, short, video message to our Face Book pages: SurfChurch Bargara and Bargara Uniting Church. If you are on Face Book you will be able to view these, and other relevant updates.
  • A detailed and structured pastoral care system is being implemented. Our greatest focus through this unsettling time is that each of you are connecting with us and being cared for. Each of you will have your name added to a pastoral care list, and will be assigned a specific pastoral carer. Your pastoral carer will call you approximately once per week, simply to have a quick chat and ensure that you are ok, and to find out if you need assistance in any way. Each pastoral carer will have a minimum of ten people on their list, therefore I ask that you be mindful of their time restrictions, whilst at the same time accepting the time that they are able to offer you.
  • You may also contact myself on by email or phone.

This plan will be adapted once we are advised of the likely duration of our “locked down” status, and is likely only “plan 1” of a few plans, as we navigate this situation.

The elders and myself, want to also take this opportunity to remind you that we are here for you; that you are important to us; and that our priority is clearly upon keeping our congregation cared for and connected.
Know that we will be praying for you each, and will offer whatever practical support we possibly can.

Finally…hold tight to God, and your faith, knowing that the God who created all and is all, will uphold you each in the palm of his hand.
Many Blessings,
Rev Jen 🙂

God bless,
Rev Jennifer Lynn
Resident Minister: Bundaberg and Coral Coast Uniting Church
Resident Minister: SurfChurch Bargara